Protect Your Assets with a Backup Generator

Most people do not know the importance of having a backup generator. That is because utility power is more often on than not. However, power failures can transpire at any time. These occurrences last usually for just a few minutes. But in some cases utility grid maintenance and repairs these power outages usually last for hours, of which is not good when you are running a business or just staying at home.

There are two types of backup generators available in the market these days; portable backup generators and the permanently installed backup generators. The two types of generators are designed to provide the much-needed power during power failures. The main difference between the two types is the power output of the unit and the portability.

Portable backup generators are the most economical type of backup power. This type of backup generator is usually used on homes and small establishments and can be stored in a room when not in use. Most of the portable generators are fueled either by gasoline or diesel. Of the two, diesel-powered generators are more fuel efficient, low maintenance and longer lifespan. On the other hand, diesel-powered generators cost more and are difficult to start during cold weather. The main advantage of portable backup generators is that these generators can be moved to a place where utility power is absent (camping or mines).

Permanently installed backup generators can be activated in just a few seconds after the power disruption automatically. These systems are plugged into the home or building’s wiring system. The automatic transfer switch of the generator unit is activated as soon as it detects power disruption. And it also deactivates automatically when the power comes back. Most of the permanently installed backup generators are powered by natural gas or propane gas.

The power output and the size of the backup generators come in a wide variety. In choosing the right backup generator that would fit your needs, you must first consider some important factors first. These factors are the unit’s power capabilities, the availability of fuel for your unit, its efficiency, noise level and most of all, the price.

Backup generators help protect your assets. Having a backup generator is important; especially those who don’t want to sacrifice the money lost on their business due to power interruptions. It is advisable that you first consult your contractor in order to determine the right type of generator that you need.

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