A Closer Look on Induction Generators

Most of us don’t know what an induction generator is. An induction generator is one of the many types of electrical generators that produce or generate electrical power. These power generating machine are mostly used to power wind turbine generators and other small scale water generators.

Induction generators are primarily designed as an “electric engine”. Electric engines (more known as electric motors) are mostly found on various electrical machine or appliances such as pumps, fans, compressors, etc. As a matter of fact, electric motors consume more than one third of the world’s electricity. Induction generators are highly reliable types of power generating machines and cost less than other types of power generators.

Electric motors that can be used as an induction generator are available to almost every home in the United States. These motors are mostly found on pumps, driers and washing machines. These mechanical devices are commonly as “squirrel cage turbines”.

Induction generators come in wide variety and can generate Alternating Current voltage. Also, these types of electrical devices do not generate interference in the radio frequency. Ordinary household electrical engines that are transformed into an induction generation can provide sufficient power to light up incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights, provide electrical energy to run television, home entertainment systems, etc.

The turbine of the induction generator is made up of number of bars that are either copper or aluminum. These copper or aluminum bars are linked electrically by end rings made up of aluminum. The turbine will start revolving similar that of a motor once electric current flows through it. The speed of the revolution is somewhat below the speed of the rotating magnetic field. The turbines of the motor will then create its own magnetic pole/s and is pulled along by the force of the “rotating magnetic field”. Once the turbine rotates faster than the electromagnetic field of the stator; the stator then will generate powerful current in the turbine. The faster the turbines rotate the more power the stator will generate. The electromagnetic field is then converted into electrical energy and is supplied into the electrical grid.

An induction generator is a self exciting device, which means that these devices require outside source of energy in order to generate a revolving magnetic flux. The outside source of energy can either come from the local utility grid or from the unit itself (once the unit starts to generate its own power).

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