A Do-It-Yourself Generator Wheel Kit

A generator is a machine that produces electric power. Since generating electric power requires that a generator be sturdy, its components are usually made of heavy-duty metal.

This means that a generator is quite heavy, even though advertisements say that it is light. Moving it from one place to another is a hassle. Because of the unit’s weight, the people carrying it might drop the unit, possibly damaging it. That is why some units come with generator wheel kits.

Generator wheel kits, also known as mobility or dolly kits, allow people to move generators with ease. Kits can come in two or four wheelsets. These wheels are of the pneumatic type. This means that the wheels can absorb vibration and shock.

Generator wheel kits are usually bolted or welded to the generators themselves. However, some generators do not have built-in wheel kits. For these generators, the wheel kits must be purchased separately.

Fortunately, you can make a generator wheel kit of your own. A flatbed wagon has everything that is needed to build a neat mobility kit such as wheels, axles, a platform and a handle. If you have bought a portable generator and decide to buy a wagon, please note that the wagon is longer than the generator itself.

When you open the box containing the flatbed wagon, the handle and axle/wheel assembly are bolted to the platform. First, remove the assembly and put it aside.

Around the perimeter of the plywood platform is a plastic protective bumper. Remove the staples and peel away the bumper.

You would want to center your generator on the platform. Place the platform on the generator and determine the new perimeter, using the generator’s framework as a guide. Using a circular saw, cut out the perimeter and discard the excess wood.

Using the handle and wheel/axle assembly as a guide, drill out new mounting holes on the new platform, using the assembly’s bolt holes as a guide. Drill those holes. At this stage, make sure that the tires would not extend anywhere on the platform.

Re-staple the protective bumper to the edges of the new platform and cut out the excess. Turn the platform right side up and bolt the generator on it.

And there you have it, a customized generator wheel kit! It just takes a bit of ingenuity and creativity to solve this little problem.

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