Accessories for Mitsubishi Generators

When you buy something and want to get more of it, you would want to purchase frills for it to enhance its features.

The same is true for generators. Basically, generators produce electric power for a home, building, vehicle or equipment. However, the generators could be enhanced by putting accessories on it.

One of the most well known brands of generators is Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi generators are powerful, reliable and sturdy as can be expected of Japanese technology. By spending some money on its line of accessories, you can maximize the advantages and effectiveness of Mitsubishi generators.

An interesting accessory for the Mitsubishi generator is their wireless remote control conversion kit. This is a first in the generator industry. With this kit installed in your generator, you can start up your generator at a distance. The kit also allows you to convert the standard manual choke system of a Mitsubishi generator to an automatic choke system. Since this is a new product, you must let a licensed Mitsubishi technician install it for you.

Another revolutionary accessory for your Mitsubishi generator is the tri-fuel conversion kit. After installing this kit, your generator can be operated using different types of fuel. Specifically, the unit can run with propane, natural gas and gasoline. All you need to do is to flip a switch from one type of fuel to another.

The disadvantage of installing this kit is that your 2 year warranty which comes along your Mitsubishi generator is automatically voided. Also, it is recommended that a licensed Mitsubishi technician install the kit for you. An improperly installed tri-fuel kit can result in damage to the unit.

Another accessory for a Mitsubishi generator is the wheel kit. You can either purchase a 4 wheel kit or a 2 wheel kit for your unit. The rubber wheels are semi pneumatic, which means it can absorb shock. Attached to a unit, the wheel kits allow easy movement of the generator from one place to another. Upon purchase, each wheel kit includes the wheels themselves, axles, handles and mounting hardware.

To protect your Mitsubishi generator from the natural elements, you might want to purchase their generator cover. It is made out of tough nylon for added durability.

Another useful accessory for your is the RV Adaptor plug. This is necessary for campers if they want to utilize the standard 30 amp generator outlet that is found in motor home vehicles. This is quite handy if you want to operate an airconditioner using a portable generator since most airconditioners will require 25 amps to start.

Check the Mitsubishi website or Mitsubishi dealer for more accessories. They are truly value for your money.

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