Advantages of DC Generators over AC Generators

Power generators provide power by turning mechanical energy into electricity. These power generating machines are mostly used to provide power during power disruptions. These machines are sometimes used to provide power at locations that have no utility power connection. Some power generators are used to provide electrical power on vehicles such as RVs, automobiles, trains, airplanes, boats, etc.

There are numerous types of power generators out today. One of many is the direct current generator or the DC generator. Most of the power generator types that are in use today are alternating current or AC generators. There are several circumstances that favor DC generators over AC generators.

DC generators are designed to provide high currents at minimum voltage requirement for the charging of batteries and operation of direct current loads. DC generators do not need power supplies or battery chargers. DC generators have no need for a transfer switch because the transfer switch only reduces the reliability of the system. DC generators have lowered the overall costs in major power applications.

A basic DC generator has similar basic components of a basic AC generator. The main dissimilarity between a direct current generator and an alternating current generator is the method the revolving coil is linked to the external circuit that contains the load. Both ends of the coil of the alternating current generator are linked to separate slip rings that co-revolve with the coil. They are linked to the circuit by a series of wire brushes.

In DC generators, both ends of the coil are connected to different halves of one split ring that revolves alongside with the coil. The split rings are linked to the external circuit by the metal brushes. This combination of a revolving split ring and immobile metal brushes is called commutator. A typical DC generator that has numerous coils and sections in its commutator provides stable current.

DC generators have numerous advantages over AC generators. The most notable advantages are:

  • The efficiency of its fuel consumption.
  • Most of the DC generators let you choose the engine speed of the generator unit.
  • Enables the battery to adjust in order to meet the requirements for battery loading and charging.
  • Some have the capability to charge the batteries of solar energy systems directly without the need for rectifiers.

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