Considerations in Choosing a Marine Generator

A marine generator produces electricity just like any other generator. It can produce electricity through electromagnetic induction. It can be fueled by diesel, gasoline or even propane. Just like any generator, it should be selected according to the number and power consumption of the appliances, tools and other accessories that it will be powering.

The main difference of a marine generator and normal generators rests on the design of their outer and inner components. While other generators must not be used near a body of water, a marine generator is designed just for such an area. ThatÂ’s because both outer and inner components of a marine generator are waterproof. That is why most boat owners prefer to purchase an expensive marine generator rather than a normal, portable generator to power their boats.

It is very handy for maritime work. Also, it is very important. Radios and navigational equipment which are crucial for ocean travel need a good supply of electric power that a marine generator can provide.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a marine generator. First, the generator should choose should be able to power all the necessary electrical equipment in the boat with at least a minimal usage of 40% to a maximum of 80%. The generator should provide 20% more than what is required. It is recommended that boat owners should make a list of the wattages of all the equipment on board. The list can then be referred to a generator dealer.

Next, the marine generator should have a voltage regulator. This device will control the amount and quality of power that goes into the appliances. This is important because power surges might damage appliances, especially the critical navigational systems.

A marine generator should also have accessible maintenance panels for ease in repair and upkeep.

The generator should also have internal features and other accessories for easier and constant maintenance. Such accessories will include spin off fuel filters, an automatic seawater pump and a fuel/water separator.

The addition of control panels makes it easier for the owner to monitor the performance of the generator. Also, add-ons such as circuit breakers will definitely save the generator from short circuits and potentially dangerous failures.

Nevertheless, the owner should periodically shut down the marine generator so he can clean the machine himself. No matter how advanced the safety and maintenance features may be, nothing compares to the effort of the human hand.

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