Electric Power Generator: a Good Way to Beat Power Failures

Electric power generators are machines that turn mechanical energy into electricity through a process called electromagnetic induction. Electric power generators are machines that provide power for commercial, residential and industrial applications during power disruptions. These power generating machines are also used in places that have no available utility power like campsites and mines.

There are lots of electric power generators available in the market these days. There are several categories of power generators for you to choose from. If you are only going to power up one or two appliance at a time, you might consider buying a recreational electric generator. Recreational electric power generators have power output ranging from 1 kilowatt to 3 kilowatt. This type of electric generator is portable and is commonly used in homes and campsites.

For emergency purposes, the emergency electric power generators belong in this category. This type of electric power generator provides power during blackouts. Electric power generators of this category are commonly used in hospitals, homes and commercial establishments. Generator units that fall on this category provide adequate wattage output for various electrical appliances (heating and cooling systems, lighting, and life support for medical purposes).

Companies and large homes use a more durable and powerful electric power generators. These power generating machines can provide large wattage output (from 3 kilowatts to 17 kilowatts). Electric generators that fall under this category are have very large power capacity and are more expensive. Low end units costs around 400 dollars while high end units costs 4,600 dollars or more, depending on its features. These types of electric power generators are mostly used on constructions sites or locations wherein they are under tough conditions.

Standby electric power generators are generator units that are huge and require permanent installation (which means they are not portable). Generators under this category can generate up to a hundred kilowatts. Standby electric power generators are mostly used by large commercial establishments and companies.

Safety measures must be observed when operating electric power generators. The electric power generator must be placed outdoors when operating or must be installed outside of the structure or building because its engines emit gases which can be harmful to one’s respiratory system. The generator unit must be placed or installed on a location where it will not get wet (air conditioning drippings and rain). Also, do not operate the unit when your hands are wet and must be turned off when refueling.

Power generators are valuable machines during power failures. They provide continuous profits and comforts during times in need.

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