Features of Yamaha’s Inverter Type Generator

Standard portable or standby generators are powerful enough to provide electric power for the whole house.

However, there are sometimes that the power they provide is too strong. The power output of a standard generator might damage power sensitive equipment such as a computer or a television set. Sometimes, you just want a generator that can produce just a small amount of wattage.

In this case, you might want to acquire an inverter type generator. This kind of generator produces just around 3 kilowatts of electricity.

This type of generator has an inverter inside it, hence the name. An inverter is a device that can convert DC current from a power source such as a battery to supply AC power to run equipment that is normally supplied from a main power source.

One of the foremost companies that offer inverter type generators in their product line is Yamaha. The company’s inverter type generator has a surge rating of 3.5 watts and a continuous current rating of 2.8 kilowatts.

The Yamaha inverter type generator is equipped with an electric starter and a BCU or a Boost Control Unit. When this generator is used to provide additional power for high amperage motors, the BCU senses the additional power and transmits that power to the generator’s alternator. This gives it a boost of output voltage.

It is also has an efficient 5.5 horsepower engine which used little fuel. Furthermore, when the generator is in Economy mode, the engine automatically adjusts its revolutions per minute rating to correspond with the load. This allows engine to run only as fast as it needs to be.

The generator has electronic breakers for the receptacles. This is a better feature than the typical manual ones installed in other inverter type generators.

When this Yamaha generator is purchased, it comes with a fixed wheel kit. The mobility kit also includes a locking caster and a front and rear grab bars. This makes rolling the generator from one place to another effortless. A battery and tray also comes with the generator.

One of the best features of Yamaha’s inverter type generator is that it’s very quiet. It is so silent that all you could hear is a soft hum when the generator is in operation. The design of the generator is also very sleek and is painted in automobile quality finish.

With these features, it is quite noticeable that Yamaha has put a lot of state-of-the-art engineering to this generator.

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