Getting to Know More About Diesel Power Generator

Having a power generator is essential especially during power outage. These power generating machines provide the much needed electricity to prevent the productivity loss due to power outage occurrence. Power generators also provide emergency backup powers for medical services in hospitals and other emergency institutions. For homeowners they offer comfort by providing power for essential electrical household systems (lightings, heating and cooling system, pumps, etc.).

Power generators are energy converting machines that turns mechanical energy into electricity. Natural gas, propane gas, gasoline and diesel fuel are used to power the engines of electric generators. Diesel power generators are the most commonly used generator system today. Diesel power generators are power generating machines that are fueled by diesel.

Unlike their counterpart, diesel power generators are fuel efficient. Fuel consumption of a diesel engine is more efficient than gasoline powered engines. Diesel power generators can produce the same amount as a gasoline power generator can; only it consumes less fuel. Not to mention the less costs of diesel fuel compared to gasoline. Also, diesel fuel has a longer shelf period than gasoline and diesel engines have longer lifespan than gasoline engines. A diesel power generator consists of two components; the diesel engine and the electrical generator. The main function of the electrical generator or alternator is to convert the energy that the diesel engine produces into the required power outage.

The engines of the diesel power generators do not have sparkplugs. This makes them a lot safer, not to mention diesel being less flammable fuel source. Diesel powered engines require less maintenance than gasoline engines because it does not have sparkplugs and carburetors. The main disadvantage of diesel power generators is that its engine noise is much louder than gasoline powered generators. Also in most cases, diesel powered generators are more expensive than other types of electric power generators.

Always read and observe what is written in the operating manual of the diesel power generator before operating it to prevent accidents. Power generators must be placed outdoors if in use (applicable to portable types). Place the generator unit away from air conditioning drippings and where it will not get soaked in the rain. Do not operate the unit when your hands are wet to prevent electric shock.

Diesel power generators provide additional protection on your assets. They help save the money lost due to power failures. Before purchasing a diesel power generator, it is recommended that you seek advice from your contractor or local power generator dealer in order to have the right type diesel power generator that would suit your needs.

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