Getting to Know Various Generator Types

Nowadays, almost everything is powered by electricity. For most of us, electricity is an important part of our lives. However, due to certain circumstances, power failures occur. Power disruptions can be very inconvenient. These occurrences also bring about lots of problems on the business side. It can create monetary and productivity loss. One way of overcoming this problem is by having a backup power generator.

Backup power generators are machines that provide backup power during power failures by converting mechanical energy into electricity. There are two basic backup generator types in the market today (the portable backup power generator types and the permanently installed backup power generator types).

Portable backup power generator types are backup power units that can be stored in a small room when not in use. Portable power generators are primarily designed for residential and commercial applications. Portable type backup generators are designed to provide power for essential electrical systems (lighting, heating and cooling, etc.). They are also used to light mines and campsites. This type of power generating machine are also used to provide electricity on places that has no utility power. Portable type backup power generators come in various sizes and power output. There are several factors that you must first consider in choosing the right portable power generator. It is important that you must first determine the total amount of wattage output that you will be powering.

Permanently installed backup power generators are types of generators that are plugged permanently to the electrical wiring system of a structure or building. These backup power generator types are commonly used for industrial and commercial applications. Permanently installed power generators are fully automated backup power systems. These types of backup power generators automatically activates once its system detects power disruptions in just within few seconds. And they also automatically turns off when utility power returns.

These two types of backup power generators use natural gas, propane gas, gasoline or diesel fuel to power its engine. The most commonly used are the gasoline powered and diesel powered backup power generators. It is because these types of backup power generators are less expensive than the other two types. However, gasoline powered backup power generator units require more frequent maintenance than diesel powered engines for them to run smoothly. Also, diesel powered engines are more energy efficient in terms of fuel consumption and diesel fuel are less expensive than gasoline fuel.

It is recommended that you first consult a contractor or your local dealer in order the have the right backup power generator type that will suit your needs.

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