Incredible Features of Mase Marine Generators

Some of the best marine generators that are being used today are Mase marine generators. These generators are developed and manufactured in the Mase headquarters in Italy.

Their design combines style with practicality and many boat owners and designers admire their performance. Mase marine generators are manufactured for high performance to strict high quality standards. Due to their excellent quality, they can provide power to almost any kind of power-demanding units.

Their redesigned generators were brought to the American market at the 2002 International Boat Show in Miami, Florida. Furthermore, their new 10 kilowatt and 29 kilowatt generator sets, which gave more variety to their product line, were introduced in the same year.

For their standard product line, they have seven marine generators that in which the rotor can rotate 1,800 rounds per minute caused by electromagnetic induction. These generators produce anywhere from 7.6 kilowatts to 29 kilowatts of electricity. The generators are primarily used to supply the main power for ships, boats, rigs and other watercraft doing offshore operations.

Aside from these powerful generators, Mase also introduced smaller generators. These 3,600 rounds per minute generators can produce 2.2 kilowatts to 5.7 kilowatts of electricity. They are used to run smaller units such as air conditioners and other appliances. Furthermore, the small size of the 2.2 kilowatt units makes them ideal for cooling a boat’s cabin.

All Mase marine generators are powered with proven and reliable Yanmar diesel engines. They all produce lesser noise and movements thanks to their in house sound shield and sturdy frames. Mase marine generators, although powerful, are built with efficient size in mind.

The most unique feature of a Mase marine generator is its intercooler system. The intercooler system produces a bubble of air recycling inside the generator. This air assists in the heat exchanger’s internal cooling. By doing so, the system protects the engine and the alternator from overheating and keeps it at the temperature that is just right.Therefore, the heat emanating from the generator is lessened considerably. This means that the generator can be placed nearly anywhere in the boat, could be more closely to the living quarters. Since marine generators are recognized by the power delivered at a certain temperature, the low temperature Mase marine generators outclass their competitor’s higher temperature units.

When purchased, a Mase marine generator comes with a 2 year warranty. Each generator has its own especially made sound shields. It also includes a remote start/stop panel with a 65 foot harness and a low-oil, hot temperature shutdown mechanism.

Truly, with these features Mase is a world leader in marine generators.

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