Inverter Generators: a Great Alternative to Gas Fuel Generators

Power failures can bring lots of inconvenience to our everyday lives. These occurrences can also bring about lots of problems. One way of countering these occurrences is by having backup power generators. Backup power generators provide the much needed electrical power during power interruptions.

Most of the electrical power of the gas fuel backup generators generates tend to fluctuate. Of which can cause damage to some sensitive electrical appliances. Inverter generators are power generating mechanical equipments that convert direct current into alternating current. These power generating devices are suitable for powering personal computers, laptops, life support systems and other types of delicate electronic appliances and equipments.

Inverter generators have microprocessors that regulate and control the flow of electric power of the unit. These microprocessors duplicate the electric flow of domestic electrical outlet, thus reducing the risk that fluctuations can cause to your appliances. In order to determine the total amount of wattage that your inverter generator must generate, you must list down all the electrical appliances that you will run. Separate all the electrical appliance on the list that runs on electric motors – such as power tools, blowers, etc. – the appliances that does not have electric motors like televisions and lights. The total amount of wattage that is needed is the total wattage plus 50-75 % for starting the motor of the first group and the total wattage of the second group.

Inverter generators are generally have the size of conventional gas fueled generators, however inverter generators can provide as much power as a convention gas fueled generator can provide. Inverter generators are highly fuel efficient. A typical inverter generator can run for eight hours or more on a full tank. Larger models can operate up to sixteen hours on one full tank. Also, inverter generators have quiet operations, which make them ideal for residential applications.

Compact inverter generators provide ample supply of power for various applications. They are designed to be portable and lightweight. Compact inverter generators are ideal for camps, motor homes, boats and small office applications. Larger models of inverter generators are ideal for construction sites and small industrial applications.

When choosing the right model that will suit your need, it is recommended that you take into account the workload that the unit must perform. Also, it is important that you choose accordingly; seek advice from contractors, technicians or your local dealer in purchasing the right inverter generator.

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