Kobuta Marine Generators: The Safe, Clean, Powerful Generator

Kubota is well known as one of the top engine manufacturers in the world with over 80 years of experience. Included in this famous Japanese brand’s product line are its marine generators.

There are a lot of Kobuta generators that are in use. But one series of Kobuta marine generators is preferred over all others when it comes to powering boats and ships. Kobuta’s GL Lowboy II Series takes precedence over other marine generators.

Just like all generators in the Kobuta line, the Lowboy II diesel engines are environment friendly, thanks to Kobuta marine generators unique E-TVCS system. This system designed by Kobuta, increases fuel efficiency by reducing suit and unburned emissions. The E-TVCS system passed the US EPA Emission Tier 2 and Europe’s Stage 2 Emission Tests.

The Lowboy II series are unique in the sense that their diesel engines are positioned vertically rather than horizontally as with the previous Lowboy series. This low body design makes the Lowboy II series more compact.

To ensure a continuous, reliable power supply with minimum power loss, this Kobuta marine generator has its generator and engine direct-coupled to each other. Also, the engine features a skewed motor design and a damper winding. The skewed motor keeps the generated electric power’s waveform distortion to a minimum. The damper winding prevents the generator from shorting out, regulates voltage fluctuations and resists load fluctuation during condensive and non-linear loads.

The designers of this Kobuta marine generator also have safety in mind. In fact, the Lowboy II is one of the safest generators around. For example, it has a circuit protector in each receptacle which will shut down the generator engine to prevent damage from power surges. This is addition to a standard overall circuit protector. The Lowboy II also features an output connection cover. This shuts down the machine if it is opened when operating, thus saving the user from burns and injuries.

The Lowboy II is also protected by a soundproof enclosure. But aside from reducing the noise, the enclosure acts as a protective cover for all moving parts of the marine generator. It also has a thermal shutdown system which automatically switches off the generator in case it exceeds a certain temperature or if the oil level drops below a safe level.

Another safety device for the Lowboy II series is its starter safety relay. It prevents the starter from activating again once the engine starts up.

With power, cleanliness and safety in mind, it is no wonder why Kobuta marine generators are favored among many boat owners and ship companies.

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