Nitrogen Generators: An In Depth Look

Nitrogen generators are devices that generate or produce nitrogen from compressed air. These nitrogen generating devices can produce as much as 99.9% pure nitrogen. By which, provides total control on the rate or purity of nitrogen produced, either in gas or liquid form. A nitrogen generator eliminates the negative aspects that most conventional sources of nitrogen come across.

Most of the nitrogen generating devices that are available nowadays have compact and lightweight designs which enables them to be easily installed and operated as long as the device is supplied with compressed gas. The simplicity of the designs of nitrogen generators are field tested to ensure reliable and economical operations. The main component of nitrogen generators consist of numerous “semi permeable” hollow fibers. These semi permeable hollow fibers are bundled together and each have a “spherical cross section core” on its center. The thickness of the walls of these semi permeable hollow fibers contributes to the strength of each membrane.

The main component of nitrogen generators have no movable parts, thus, eliminating the need for maintenance. The only maintenance nitrogen generators requires are occasional recalibration of its “oxygen analyzer” and periodical replacement of its filters. If the purity of the end product of the nitrogen generator is affected due to certain circumstances, you only have to close down the valve that caused the impurity until it is repaired or replaced (one damage valve has no effect on the operation of the nitrogen generator as long as it is shut down). Operating nitrogen generators is relatively simple. Once the nitrogen producing device is installed, you only have to activate the system and the compressed gas will then be processed by the system, a product valve will then release the nitrogen that was taken from the compressed gas.

Most of the nitrogen generators that are available these days are basically composed of several components; the membrane unit; the nitrogen generator’s controls and instruments; and several filters that traps and removes unwanted organic pollutants such as oil, liquids, etc. Installation and operation nitrogen generators only require piping of the compressed gas into the system for processing, the piping of oxygen and nitrogen to their respective destinations and periodical calibration of the nitrogen generator’s oxygen analyzer. The purity of the by product that nitrogen generators produce are based on several factors. These factors are the rate of the gas flow of the system, the air temperature intake and the intake of the nitrogen generators’ air pressure.

If you want your nitrogen generator to have a high purity product output, the system must have a steady air temperature and air pressure intake. Also, high purity levels have low flow rate product output.

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