Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max Solar Generator Renewable Energy System 2000W/110V Emergency Solar Battery Charger/Power Source Kit

Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max Solar Generator Renewable Energy System 2000W/110V Emergency Solar Battery Charger/Power Source Kit

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  • QUICK CHARGING;12-hour charge time for critical appliances, freezers, laptops, phones, tablets, TV and critical appliances. Provides 2000 Watt Hours of emergency electricity for when you need it
  • LARGE, FAST POWER COLLECTION; 160 Watt solar power collection
  • LIGHT WEIGHT; complete unit is only 75 lbs making it easily an transportable portable solar generator
  • DELIVERS;1000/2000-watt AC power great emergency power supply for the storm seasons providing necessary electricity when you need it

Do you want to be able to power all your devices wherever you are with Free energy from the sun? There is no all-in-one system that can compare to the capabilities of the Forty2 portable solar generator. The Forty 2 provides the best kit for ensuring you have a completely safe and silent power generation, either indoors or outdoors. A necessity for the storm seasons and for people who need to have electricity.

The ultimate way to back up your critical appliances, including, refrigerators and any emergency and critical appliances that you need and depend on. The latest compact and portable models in the range will store 500w, 1,000w and 2,000. Completely safe to use indoors or outdoors without noise or fumes of gasoline generators. Charge with the included solar panels or plug into a wall socket in the evenings when you want back-up or on days when the sun isn’t out.

How it works

The easiest all-in-one system, the heavy duty Forty2 combines solar charging, power storage, and wall outlet power in an easy to use, portable unit. The Forty2’s clamshell design is incredibly easy to use, to charge, simply open the case.

You can also charge the Forty2 from an outlet with the built-in wall charger. Power The Forty2 provides the same power outlet (110VAC, 50Hz) that you get at home from 2 outlets located on the front of the unit. The Forty2 can charge small devices like a laptop many times over or power larger devices like a TV for hours. It also has 2 USB ports for charging your phone or tablet just as fast as they would at home.

Forget about carrying multiple cases and making multiple trips, this entire unit can be easily moved by one person. When you need to move there’s no teardown, simply close and carry to wherever you want. Designed for mobile and off-grid applications, the Forty2’s durable exterior is built to handle the bumps and bruises of travel and nature. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to ensure you have a back-up electricity source.

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