The Benefits of Having Electric Generators

Imagine this, you are enjoying the relaxing and cooling comfort of your air conditioning system and at the same time watching your favorite movie on your home theater system. And just when you are relaxed, all of the sudden *poof* everything went dark. Power disruption. Good thing that you have your own electric generator.

Electric generator is a piece of equipment that converts mechanical energy into electricity by way of electromagnetic induction. In simple terms, electric generators are machines that generate or produce electricity during power failure or disruption. Electric generators are used primarily when the power of an industrial or commercial establishment is disrupted. Some people have their own generators at home in order to have electricity during power outage. More and more people are now considering installing electric generator to have backup power during power disruptions. However, electric generators are also used on places that have no local power grids.

Electric generators or more often called generators offer additional security and comfort during power outages. These machines enable some of the useful household, commercial and industrial appliance (HVAC Systems, lighting systems and other types of systems that operate using electricity) to keep on functioning even if the local power is out. Generators are also used to power up aircrafts, ships, automobiles and other means of transportation.

Propane powered generators have several advantages over natural gas powered machines. One of its distinct advantages is that the storage for the fuel of the propane powered engines is self contained on the structure of building that it powers. And because of that, in most cases, during disasters or calamities, the pipelines of which the natural gas powered generators are connected are shutdown in order to prevent fires and explosions it is one of the main safety measures of gas companies and because of that, the natural gas powered generator will not work because it has no fuel source. One of the disadvantages of propane generators is that it is more expensive than the natural gas generator because of the costs of its fuel tank and the costs of its installation.

There is a wide variety of generators available in the market these days; from the small and portable generators to the huge central station systems, from systems that have low power output to the 1,000 megawatt output generator; whatever the size or power output of the electric generator is, having electric generator be it for commercial, industrial or home use is always a great alternative.

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