The e-QD: The Onan Marine Generator of the Future

When someone asks about what marine generator he should buy, the name Onan comes into mind. It is with good reason. Onan is one of the leading companies when it comes to the designing, development and production of marine generators.

The emergence of their excellent products is not a surprise. They have been in the industry for more than 60 years, bringing out innovative designs into the market. In fact, many of the ships of the US Coast Guard and the US Navy use Onan marine generators.

Of course, many recreational boat owners and luxury yacht builders use Onan marine generators to produce power for their vessels.

Now, there is another set of innovative Onan marine generators that was recently introduced into the market. It is dubbed the e-QD series, which is short for Electronic Quiet Diesel series. This is a revolutionary marine diesel engine that uses digital technology for operation.

The key to this unique unit is the e-QD series’ advanced digital electronic control built inside the system. It constantly monitors the generator’s performance.

But it doesn’t stop there. This new Onan marine generator looks for potential problems in the machine before the problem actually happens! Once it detects a potential problem, it immediately alerts the owner.

Information about the e-QD generators is provided with a push of a button. Since the data is precise, guesswork is taken out and makes the owner more confident about the machine. The controls are very reliable and worry free.

Aside from the advanced digital electronics, this new Onan marine generator has a lot of other features. For example, it has a built-in bulkhead type of connection. This allows ease of installation, access and maintenance.

The e-QD marine generator also has a digital voltage regulator. It can automatically regulate pulse voltages from AC currents. That means it is better than the analog voltage regulators used by most generators. In this way, the digital voltage regulator protects the generator from damage due to power surges.

The e-QD marine generator also features a single phase AC alternator with single or dual voltages.

True to its name, the e-QD is quiet, thanks to its sturdy soundproof enclosure. Another unique feature is its external oil fill-and-check tube. That means lubricating oil can be poured inside without ever having to open the enclosure.

The e-QD marine generator is now available in power supply stores. It is truly one of the best marine generators in the world today.

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