The Purpose of A Manual Transfer Switch

As you may know, portable generator is quite useful if your area is prone to frequent power outages. With some fuel, a portable generator can provide electricity so you can run your appliances even if there is no electrical power from the main line.

However, when the power suddenly shuts down, there is a possibility that your appliances might be damaged. Also, when the main power line is switched on, the power source could fry your appliances.

Also, portable generators, if improperly connected, can be dangerous. They could injure someone. Also, improper connection can void your home insurance in case of injury or property damage.

So, how do you prevent all these problems from happening? The answer is to properly install a manual transfer switch.

A manual transfer switch is the solution to a safe and convenient operation of portable or even standby generators. It separates the circuits using generator power from the circuits using the main line. A manual transfer switch eliminates the danger of backfeeding the electrical utility that can cause injury and harm to people and property damage.

By putting a manual transfer switch in your house’s breaker box and connecting a power generator to the switch, you can power up selected circuits for the appliances. The number and kind of appliances that can be hooked up depends on the capacity of your generator. Since most portable generators cannot handle the electrical load of all the appliances in your home at the same time, the transfer switch allows you to transfer the loads separately to the appliance or utility you want to use.

Before installing a generator and a manual transfer switch to your home, you must first find out the circuits you need to be working in case of a power outage. A rule of the thumb is that a 3,000 watt generator can provide enough power to common appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave oven, lights, furnace and the TV.

When the circuits are selected, it is now time to install a manual transfer switch and a generator. For the needed connections, you will need an experienced electrician. Do not attempt to do it yourself to avoid personal injury. The devices and the way the connections are made should comply with the law and electrical codes.

So, say goodbye to power outages. You will now enjoy a good supply of electric power at all times.

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