Various Types of Signal Generators

Signal generators are electronic gadgets that produce replicating electronic signals. These electronic test gadgets generate signals that are accurately regulated at various frequencies (from audio ranges to videos to microwave ranges). Signal generators – also known as function generators – are commonly utilized on electronic devices for testing, troubleshooting and repair applications. There are numerous types of signal generators available today; they are designed depending on their application and purpose.

There are two basic types of “general purpose function generators”; the function generators and the arbitrary waveform generators. Function generators are types of signal generator that are designed to generate repeating waveforms. These devices have “electronic oscillators”. Electronic oscillators are circuits that create repeating waveforms. There are also some signal generators that produces arbitrary waveforms. These types signal generators are called arbitrary waveform generators. Arbitrary waveform generators cost more than function generators and are commonly used for sophisticated design and test applications.

On top of that, there are also some types signal generators that are used for special purposes. These types of signal generators are used for specific applications. One example of a special purpose signal generator is the tone and audio generator. These types of signal generators are designed for “audio” and “acoustic” applications. Most tone generators are managed in the digital domain. Digital tone generators generate signals in numerous digital audio formats. This type of tone generator may incorporate special signals in order to generate various effects and problems. Digital tone generators also provide techniques to operate the “metadata” related with digital audio formats.

Another example of a special purpose generator is the video signal generator. Video signal generators are devices that generate predetermined video waveforms. These devices also generate predetermined television waveforms. These are used to increase deficiencies or assist parametric quantity of video and television systems. There are various types of video signal generators in use these days. They are categories in accordance to the signal generator’s function. Sometimes they are classified in accordance to the format and interface the video signal generator supports. Most manufacturers of these devices sell platforms for video signal generations. Most of these platforms have audio generation capabilities. These capabilities can either support “embedded” audio formats or audio formats that are capable of operating independently.

Conventionally, signal generating devices are fixed hardware components but because of the wide use of multimedia computers these days, software tone generators are mostly used. These softwares are programmable and flexible.

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