Why Buy Polar Power’s DC Marine Generators

One of the best companies that produce marine generators is Polar Power, Inc. And one of their most popular products is their DC marine generators.

The company first tested their first DC marine generator in 1992 using its PMHH Alternator technology. Since then, many clients and organizations including the US Army, have been using their generators. These generators passed the US Army and Belcore power standards.

Today, the company’s DC marine generators are not only used in watercraft. They are also used to provide power to telecommunications equipment. They are used as stand-by or prime power supply for buildings and other facilities.

Polar Power’s DC marine generators have a lot of advantages. First, their DC generator systems are designed to deliver heavy currents at small voltages required for battery charging. That means battery chargers and other sources of power supply are not necessary.

Polar Power’s DC marine generators have a current limit control. This is to prevent overheating of the alternator. It also prevents an engine from stalling due to short circuits and overloads. Their internal system design allows several DC generators to be connected in parallel and share the load. This is something that alternating current generators or AC generators cannot accomplish.

Their DC marine generators need no transfer switch. According to Polar Power, transfer switches can lower the generator system’s reliability. Another great advantage is that their DC generators are quite fuel efficient. They are also simple in design, low maintenance and generally more reliable than AC generators.

There are other reasons why Polar Power’s DC marine generators are better than cheaper AC generators. For example, many AC generators have voltage regulators which are supposed to regulate voltage. This is an understatement. Sometimes, these regulators fail because of the pulsing load of the switch mode power supplies. A Polar Power DC marine generator has no such problem.

Also AC generators tend to be oversized given the smaller amount of power they can pump. But the DC marine generators of Polar Power, which are relatively small, are much more powerful. Surprisingly, they also have smaller horsepower engines. This means they can easily be carried around. Their smaller engine size also allows users to install them easily on rooftops and small sheds.

Of course, with all these advantages, these generators are quite expensive. However, the price should not be a great factor. The benefits and features offered by Polar Power far outweigh the cost of the unit itself.

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