Wind Power Generators: a Great Alternative in Power Generation

Wind turbines or more popularly known as wind power generators are machines that convert mechanical energy into electricity. It works on the same principles of electric power generators. While the other types of electric power generators use fossil fuels in order to generate electricity, wind power generators use wind energy.

A wind power generator works the same way as that of a hydroelectric dam. The main component of wind power generators is its blades. The blades that catch the wind are usually made of fiberglass and plastic materials. The blades of the wind power generators are connected to a magnetic alternator. The magnetic alternator generates a magnetic field that goes through the wires of the rotor and creates an electrical charge. The electrical charge is accumulated in a control that turns the raw electricity into a usable one.

Basically, there are two types of wind power generators; the horizontal axis type and the vertical axis type. The horizontal axis type wind power generators commonly are wind turbines that are three bladed. The blades of the horizontal axis types operate upwind. While the vertical axis types of wind power generators have an eggbeater design. The two types of wind power generators operate opposite that of a typical fan. Instead of using electric current to produce wind, wind generators utilize the wind too in order to generate electricity.

The main advantage of this type of electric power generators is that it is powered by the wind, of which, is a clean source of fuel. Unlike fossil fuel electric power generators, a wind power generator produces no pollution. Also, unlike fossil fuel powered generators, does not produce greenhouse gasses. Wind generators are renewable. That is because wind is a form of solar energy. They are triggered by the warming of the atmosphere caused by the sun and the irregularities of earth’s temperature surface.

Wind energy is renewable and has an inexhaustible supply. Wind power generators have become quite popular in most countries. In the United States alone, the state of California has wind numerous wind farms that provide supplementary energy during the massive energy-consuming months of summer.

Today, a lot of homeowners have their own wind power generators. Most of them say that wind power generators reduce their electric bill as much as fifty to ninety percent. Wind power generators not only help you save money, they are also environmentally friendly. It is one good way of providing power to your home.

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